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Who are AME-IT Interpreting?

We are a team of qualified Chartered Institute of Linguists (conference interpreters and translators), American Association of Translation and Sworn Interpreters and Translators, registered with the Ministry of Justice in Slovakia.

We are fluent in Slovak, Czech, Russian and English and, having been UK residents for over 12 years, speak English to an advanced level.

We have been professionally involved in interpreting and translation since 2008, with extensive experience in court and police proceedings. We have provided translation services for high-profile cases at a number of Criminal and Civil High Courts across the UK.

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Would you like us to simultaneously interpret a presentation by a speaker?

Interpreters work in a sound-proofed booth and the audience can listen to the translation via headphones.

As this task requires extreme levels of concentration, interpreters work in pairs and alternate every 20 to 30 minutes. 

Although this type of interpreting requires booths and technical equipment, it is the most effective method for events with many participants and multiple languages, such as international conferences or television events.


Would you like us to assist at a meeting between two or more people speaking different languages?

The interpreter works with both parties, facilitating the dialogue between the participants. The interpreter relays the target-language after short intervals.

Liaison interpreting requires no special equipment and is predominantly used during negotiations and discussions of various matters (interviews, technical seminars, workshops etc.).


Would you like us to translate a written text from one language to another?

Typical translation work includes general documents, letters, certificates, contracts, manuals, technical translations in various specialist areas.

We also translate medical reports, conference documentation, literary works and much more.

The translation is always performed by a native speaker and should be indistinguishable from native text.

Translations are charged per source word, according to the degree of specialisation, the file format (there is a surcharge for non-editable formats such as PDF) and the deadline.


Would you like us to translate a written text for presentation before an official body or a State authority (universities, prefectures, municipalities, consulates, etc.)?

Typical certified or sworn translation includes birth, marriage and divorce certificates, school diplomas, contracts and DBS checks.

All certified document translations will carry the certified stamp of approval, as well as being assigned a unique reference number for immediate identification.

Note: many authorities require that your document is legalised (apostille) before you send it for translation.


Call us now on +44 786 636 2821 or Email Us for a quote


Make sure that your texts and translations are grammatically correct and well written.

Have you recently read a leaflet or an article in a newspaper and spotted a typo or a mistake in the grammar?

If you want to make your text sound like a native speaker, we will edit and proofread it for you.